Thomas Looby

Healthcare Technology Market Development

About Thomas Looby

Thomas Looby, based in Atlanta, GA, has built a career in medical device technologies and health technology, serving as a CEO, President, and Board Member. One of his favorite parts of his work is the missionary aspect of educating new customers on the benefits of new technologies. Thomas has been a guest on a variety of media outlets, including Varney & Company (Fox Business News), CNBC, Bloomberg TV as well as international press.

One thing I’ve noticed (in addition to passion and expertise) is the need for highly functioning teams to execute…without a strong team, goals either will take too long to achieve or perhaps never be achieved.

Thomas Looby, on his work in healthcare technology marketing development 

In addition to his work in media, Thomas is a frequent keynote presenter and speaker around the globe, having traveled to China, the UK, and the United States. Thomas’ speaking has seen him present at the global Vodofone IoT conference, WeaRaCon conferences in the US and China as well as many investor conferences.

Throughout the past 15 years or so, Thomas Looby has carefully selected the projects he’s worked on. But through it all — new business adventures, different personalities and passions coexisting within teams, seemingly ever-expanding goals and desires — Thomas has found that one thing has to remain in order to secure success.

That thing?

It’s all about great teams. “I love getting up to work in the medical device technology sector everyday,” Thomas continues. “And the one thing I’ve noticed, in addition to passion and expertise, is the need for highly functioning teams to execute. No matter how good a product may be or how dedicated each individual is, without a strong team, goals either will take too long to achieve or perhaps never be achieved. I have been proud to have led some of the best teams in the medical device industry.

Thomas is currently Partner and CEO-in-Residence at Concinnity, LLC, a company that partners with small-to-mid-sized technology companies to accelerate value-creation for the benefit of customers, founders, employers, and investors.


Thomas Looby has also served as Chief Executive Officer & President for Ekso Bionics, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President at Given Imaging, Director of Business Strategy & Global Product Marketing for Eastman Kodak, General Manager of Robotic Measurement Products at Thyssenkrupp, Group Manager for Chemineer, and Supervisor for Bayer – his first role upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (Dean’s Scholar).

Thomas received his MBA from the University of Dayton in 2001.

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